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Treatment Detail

With the use of a particular electric current, temporary spacing is created in the stratum corneum (dead skin dust layer) and the cell membrane. This current open up the skin cell by 40 – 250 microns in milliseconds; whereby Minerva’s special combination of Vitamin C, Q10, collagen, and multi vitamins are pushed down 10 centimeters deep. The vitamins are able to pass through the intercellular and interstitial region, and the spacing is then closed so that the ingredients pushed in are fully absorbed. This process can be done as needed under the supervision of our expert doctors, who will design a treatment that caters to your skin’s specific condition and pick out the best nutrients for your skin type.

Here are some unique features offered only through the Minerva Beauty Non-Needle Program:

  • The drug used is the same kind as the one used in injections, it is safe and more effective than any other retail skincare products.
  • Pain-free, convenient, and very safe (unlike the traditional Mesotherapy)
  • Can be done often and does not require you to wait for long periods like lasers do.
  • When done in conjunction with lasers, you can see faster results.
  • Skin receives up to 100 times more nutrients than when getting an injection, and up to 500 times more than when getting a Lonto treatment.
  • Results are visible immediately after the treatment.